Lilypad Lacquer Wild at Heart + Sinful Colors All About You

A recent sale/product launch/something over at Llarowe had me browsing my wishlist for a few items to make up that free shipping threshold, so my first Lilypad Lacquers, Wild at Heart, came along for the ride.

indoor CF lighting
If you know anything about me, you know I'm a permanent sucker for anything green...which is probably why i have about 9 bajillion green holos.  When I took this one out of the package, I chided my crazy self for purchasing something I'm sure I have near-dupes of, but when I put it on, nope.  Awesome.

indoor, with flash
Wild is a mossy, khaki green - a more earthy color than most of the emeralds and kellys I have in my stash.  The holo is linear and glorious, but what kills it is the rich golden flash that's so prominent it took me a while to decide firmly that it wasn't actually a duochrome.

indoor, with flash.  swoon!
The formula on this is pretty fantastic, too.  It's flawlessly self-leveling (you can't tell which nail I have a half-ass teabag patch on), and exactly the right thickness to make cleanup almost unnecessary.

indoor, CF lighting
I wanted to bring that gold out a little more in lower light, so I topped off the tips with a freehand glitter gradient of Sinful Colors All About You.

indoor, with flash
All About You is a very fine glitter, in a mix of mostly warm gold with a sprinkling of deeper copper.  The pieces were small enough to blend into Wild at Heart so that when the holo is going strong, the glitter isn't much noticeable.

The glitter is 2 coats here, and it's possible that it could be close to opaque on its own in 3 or 4.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for Wild at Heart, now one of my fave green holos.  3 for All About You.

Where to buy:  Sinful Colors can be picked up on the cheap at most drugstores.  Lilypad is an Aussie brand, so those of us in the US would most likely go through a supplier, Llarowe in my case.



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