Halloween Nails: Sinful Colors Black Magic

Work is KRAY-ZEEEE lately, so I didn't have the time or energy for lavish holiday nails, but this time of year is always good for a special holiday polish that's neat on its own.

Sinful Colors Black Magic was one of their Halloween releases last year, and I'm so glad I picked up a bottle then (it wasn't re-released this year).  It's a chunkier sort of glitter than I usually wear, but it's about perfect for Halloween:  very fine dark charcoal glitter, with medium-sized bright orange circles mixed in.  It's mostly opaque in 2 coats, but other swatches I've seen of one over black are also nice.

Removal is as obnoxious as glitter usually is, so use a peel-off base coat if that's your thing.

Rating 3 out of 5 stars.  Not my usual, but it's a fun holiday nail art in a bottle.

Where to buy:  Sinful has repeated themselves at holiday collections before (e.g., the periodic reappearance of Green Ocean), so maybe next year?  Otherwise creep along on ye olde internets.



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