Butter London Prince's Plums

I'm packed up for a nice vacation, so the next few posts will be pretty short & sweet.  Today I have one of Suzy's favorites (she talked me into its awesomeness despite my chemistry just not working with the other Butter London polishes I've tried), Prince's Plums.

indirect sunlight
PP is very tricky to photograph with any color accuracy, like plenty of other purples that shade toward blue.  The first coat shows much more of its red-plum base, but by the second, the blue/purple shimmer predominates.  It's a duochrome this way for some people, but the color was pretty consistent on my fingers.

indoor incandescent lights
And what lovely shimmer it is, aaaaaaaah.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  BLs still don't work great for me - this wears and chips inside of a day - but if your body chemistry loves their formula, it's a pretty damn nice color (i.e. my esteemed colleague calls this one a 5-star all the way).

Where to buy:  Nordstrom's, Ulta, and the interwebs.



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