Color Club The Uptown

The Uptown was the clear stand-out from last fall's Girl About Town collection from Color Club.  Recently, though, the polish world has been all aflutter over the CC folks switching out the formula quietly like we wouldn't notice.  I wanted to get some swatches of this goodness up in case you're still able to find the original - snap it up quick!

indoor CF lighting
Much like my treasured bottle of Nfu Oh 51, Uptown is a lovely royal purple packed with color-shifting flakies.  The two are not dupes; Uptown has a little darker base and the flakes are larger and denser, but if you go look at those other pics, it's easy to see how similar they are.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The royal purple jelly base is just fantastic, and the rainbows are pretty damn incredible.

indoor CF lighting
2 coats was lovely, but 3 was even richer and denser (as jellies do).  The shift was awesome, from emerald green to magenta fire.

indoor, CF lighting
outdoor, indirect sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Yeah, it's super close to 51, but hey, I know what I love, and this is it.  51 wears better on me, though, and has a better brush, too.

Where to buy:  well, folks, that's the tricky part.  Be wary of ordering sight-unseen at this point online, since CC has switched things up.  The current version is pretty, but isn't at all a flakie and certainly doesn't spark fiery rainbows.  Your best bet is to stalk places where you can actually see what you're getting (mine came from a Bed Bath & Beyond with a cosmetics section), or secondary places like ebay.



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