Pahlish El Topo Petit

Pahlish consistently makes colors that end up totally unique in my stash... and yet, somehow, I have plenty of them that have been sitting around untried for a loooong time.  Here's one from last year's fall collection, El Topo Petit.

indoor CF lighting
El Topo Petit (the little mole) is a deep, earthy-grey crème with admixed metallic red shimmer.  There's definitely enough brown and plum tones to the base that it's "greige" or taupe, not at all a neutral concrete or elephant grey, so I think this is one that will look very different on people of different skin tones.

indoor CF lighting
The fiery shimmer is gorgeous when it's there, but in lower lighting, it can be shy.  This shade ends up a little darker when dry than in the bottle.  Like many of Pahlish's crèmes, it started off a bit thicker than ideal, and benefitted nicely from a little thinner.  3 coats here to even things out.

indoor incandescent lighting
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars:  a totally unique twist on neutral, and just a tiny bit edgy if you work in a more conservative office.

Where to buy:  last time I checked, this was still stocked at Pahlish's store, and can also be picked up at Llarowe.



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