LynB Designs This is Halloween

Most all of LynB's polishes are inspired by some sort of geeky fun.  This is Halloween is from the Nightmare Before Christmas collection, and is a really nice fall shade.

indoor CF lighting
TiH is a smoky plum jelly base that has glitter of a few different sorts suspended in it.  The jelly base means that if you wanted to give this a whirl as a topper, or wear it sheer if it compliments your skintone, it's totally an option at one coat:

one coat, no cleanup.  indoor CF lighting
The sparseness of those glitters at one coat was enough to have me concerned about how opaque I could get it, but it's perfectly solid in 3 coats.  With this much glitter, it does of course end up with a bit of texture, but one layer of top coat smooths things out fine.

indoor, office fluorescents
With 3 layers, the base becomes more smoke than purple, and the wine glitters emerge as the most dominant color.  There's a scattering of Halloween orange glitters thrown in, and even a bit of holo glitter that adds an unexpected flash in the right light.

indoor CF lighting.  the blue and red sparks are the holo bits
Glitter removal is of course what you'd expect, but this pretty sparkler is worth the scrubbing.

indirect sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  The orange and holo, while not too much to take over things, add a nice oomph to the base colors.

Where to buy:  directly from LynB's etsy store.



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