Digital Nails Pale Blue Dots

Recently, Digital Nails released a collection based on scientists (!!!!).  I immediately leapt on the Carl Sagan one, for it being awesome twice over.

Pale Blue Dots is named for a quote by Sagan describing a photo of Earth taken by Voyager.  It was a gorgeous sentiment when he said it, and this stuff gorgeously captures galaxy nails in a bottle.

indirect sunlight
It's a deep sapphire blue jelly that was nice at one coat and absolutely devastating at two, packed with pale blue dot glitter in a couple of sizes.  Digital has been making some single-color chunky holo glitter polishes lately, and she's mixed the gold version into this one for a little more star dust punch.

indirect sunlight
Wow.  Just...  wow.  When I opened my DN mail package, I immediately took off what was on my fingers to go put this on.  Do not swatch, do not catalog, forget all about passing go, just paint.  The rainbow flashes were easily visible in my kitchen lighting, no bright sun necessary to get those sparks to shine.

indoor incandescent lighting, blurry for the rainbows of course.
The jelly finish is a little sheer to start with, but builds up very easily.  There's enough grit to the glitter that it dries satiny, and it absolutely requires a thick layer of topcoat to shine its best.

And the gold dust adds a interesting touch, whether or not it's holo-ing at the time.

indoor, indirect sunlight
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  I had to wear it as soon as it showed up, and it wore very well, especially considering it's a jelly.  A cashier at the store stopped the line to ask me what this was and where I'd gotten it.  This is my favorite polish of the year so far.

Where to buy:  Digital Nails Etsy store



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