a England Fotheringhay Castle

Sometimes, you gotta change your polish as soon as a new box arrives in the mail.  That was definitely the case for my instant swoon from a England's new Elizabeth & Mary collection, Fotheringhay Castle.

indoor CF lighting
FC is a rich, earthy moss green - there's more than a little bronze-yellow undertone here, and it doesn't lean teal at all.  Formula was flawlessly easy to work with, typical for me & aE polishes, and it of course has that signature softly scattered holo shine.

LED flashlight
In the dead of winter like we are, this one wasn't sparking rainbows at every turn (even subtle ones), but it did have a lovely lit-from-within sort of glow plenty of the time.

office fluorescent lighting

In natural cloudy light, the glow damped down to a more sombre mossy shadow.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  a England's offerings are consistently some of my faves.

Where to buy:  aE maintains a list of international stockists on their website.



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