Glitter Gal Wild Violets

A couple of years ago, Aussie brand Glitter Gal released a couple different series of duochromes, with the "soft shades" being pearly shimmers and the "brilliant shades" being glass fleck sparklers.  I've previously worn and loved Last Light from the brilliants (though I didn't blog it at the time), so I snapped up the other of the brilliants that looked totally unique from anything else in my stash, Wild Violets.

indoor CF lighting
Wild Violets is a fairly sheer plummy purple jelly base that's packed with color-shifting glass fleck sparkles that go from blue to wine to almost golden.  It's sheer enough that plenty of people wear it over black (where it loses the purple undertone) or otherwise use it as a topper.  Here's one coat:

It's fairy princess my-nails-but-better at one coat and it self-levels well enough to leave it this way if you like.  At 3 coats, though, WOW.

indoor, office fluorescents
Check out those blue-wine stars!  For all the sparkle going on here, there's no texture, and it's very smooth with one layer of topcoat.  The more layers of color added, the deeper and richer that purple becomes, and in some lights, approaches a red-toned plummy bruise color that I love.

bright CF lighting.  also, note how sheer this is in the bottle.
The shimmer flecks are super shifty, making this a polish that looks different in every different room in the house/office.

aaaaalmost bronze at the edges
super saturated pink

This is one of those times where I think that a polish's name is dead correct.  Yeah, it's full of feminine violet shades (soft blue, plum, pink, rose), but that shift is way wild.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  It's gorgeous.  WV wore fairly quickly, with visible edgewear by the 2nd day, but wear was very even, and no chipping.

Where to buy:  Glitter Gal is on sale right now at Color4Nails (she may be discontinuing this line in her shop, so snap some up now), and is also carried by Llarowe.



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