Hits Sadok Lamed

Brazillian brand Hits has been releasing a bunch of collections in the last year or so that we're only getting recently stateside.  Sadok is all named for letters in the Hebrew alphabet, and this one is Lamed.

indoor CF lighting
Lamed is an earthy brown-tinged plum shade that I can't help but think of as "bruise colored."  Unflattering as that sounds, I really do love bruise polishes - I think it's a very trendy shade of neutral that looks pretty awesome on most people's skin tones.  Lamed adds a ton of  mostly teal blue glass fleck shimmer that cools this bruise color down a lot.

For as richly dark as it is, this doesn't look black until all but the lowest lighting - the redness of the plum shade somehow keeps it from slipping even darker.

The long tapered cap is comfortable to hold, and the brush is MUCH neater than some of the older things I've gotten from Hits.  The brush is still very wide and flat, so how you feel about wide brushes will impact whether you love or hate this one.

The blue-on-bruise is such a unique combo that I immediately wondered if I'd again bought a dupe of something I already really liked:  Crows Toes Merope.

The base color is a very similar bruise shade, but two obvious differences leap right out from the bottle:  Lamed is way more opaque, and Meope's shimmer is duochromatic.

Merope top/right (half black half plan swatch stick), Lamed bottom/left, 2 coats of each
Lamed looks a whole lot like the portion of Merope that's swatched over black, and if you click through to the previous post about Merope, you can see that the 3 coats I wore of that also looked a whole lot like the 2 over black on the swatch stick, so they're in the same ballpark.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  A truly lovely shade, especially if you don't have much similar and don't mind a biggo brush.  Bruises for everyone!

Where to buy:  Apparently, some people have successfully ordered direct from Hits Speciallita, but I usually get my international fix from Llarowe.



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