NYE Nails: KB Shimmer Showgirl

New Year's Eve nails gotta be party-ready sparkly, and when I asked the man what color, he said, "black, duh," so out of the untried hoard came KB Shimmer's Showgirl.

indirect sunlight
Showgirl is an off-black or charcoal jelly packed with an assortment of glitters.  There's silver holo squares and hexes, plus dark pink to fuchsia glitters in a few sizes, giving an overall purpley-pink look.

Glitter placement was no trouble at all - one thin coat applied normally to give everything something to stick to, then 1-2 dabbed coats to thicken things up worked fine, without the need to fish out any of the bigger square bits.  I'm wearing it here sans undies because I love the depth on a good jelly polish, but it would be great in 1 coat over black, or would deeply smoke out a vibrant purple.

The holo flash is indeed disco-ready:

indoor CF lighting, blurry for rainbows
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  Like a girls' night out in a bottle, it's fun for a now and again bling.  Definitely bust out the peel-off basecoat for this, though, those bigger chunks of glitter aren't budging any time soon.

Where to buy:  direct from KBS.



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