Jade Irresistivel

Now that the sun has finally come back (begone, long winter of '14-'15!!), it's HOLO time!

indoor, bright CF lighting
Jade's Irresistivel is a gold linear holo, in their typical petite bottle with lovely brush.  Jade's holos are the jelly finish type that lets the holo sparkle through as brightly as possible, and it's sheer enough that I've used this color as a holo topcoat before.  At 2 coats, though, there's only the suggestion of VNL, which is plenty opaque enough for me.

indirect overcast sunlight
In the shade, Irresistivel has a foil finish that looks like individual nano-flakes of gold in an almost clear background.  Indoors in office fluorescents, it looks like a softly shimmering, nearly nude shade of champagne gold.

Hit the sun, though, and POW!!!!!!

bright sunlight.
Subtle, this is not.  It's so blinding, i could land airplanes with these signal flares.  Check it out - the holo is so sparklingly clear that you can see all the way from R to OYGBIV:

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Irresistivel is the sort of color to remind you of why you fell in love with holos in the first place.  Its only flaw is that it wears like a jelly on me,with noticeable edgewear by day 2, but the nude tone to the gold means that's not particularly obvious.  Formula was smooth and flawlessly self-leveling, and topcoat did not at all dull the blinding holographic rainbow.

Where to buy:  in the US, Color4Nails and Llarowe stock this Brazilian import.



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