Julep Reece & a quick comparison

The boy said, "something purple or rich or something," so I pulled this sparkly grackle-wing out of the stash:  Julep Reece.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Reece is most often exactly what you see above: a soft, nearly metallic grey with a lovely lavender-purple overtone, and a healthy smattering of holographic microglitter.  In brighter lighting, both the holo sparkle and that purple become much more vibrant.

direct sunlight
In lower lighting, though, a lovely earthy green duochrome comes out around the edges.

indirect, shady sunlight
And with some wacky hand positioning, the green takes over the purple almost entirely.

This purple-to-green oil-slick iridescence is so lovely that it's of course not at all unique in my stash.  Wet N Wild Gray's Anatomy (itself a known dupe for Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game) and Zoya Ki have an identical shift to Reece.

indirect, window-filtered sunlight
The WnW is significantly more sheer than the others - note the big utterly clear air bubble at the top of the bottle, even though I shook all polishes before pics.  Reece and Ki each take 2 coats for adequate opacity, with the only real difference being the holo microglitter in Reece.

bright CF lighting
Rating;  3 out of 5 stars.  Application wasn't at all tricky, even though the tall, skinny bottle seems like it should be unstable (it's not).  The microglitter dries a bit textured, and I could still feel a little irregularity with a thick layer of topcoat.  I liked this color quite a bit, but the wear on me was pretty awful - edgewear and chipping by about a day and a half.  

Where to buy:  Reece was from a 2013 subscription box.  You apparently can still buy direct from Julep, but $14 + shipping is a bit steep for this small vial when the color exists elsewhere.  I see Julep polishes all the time at TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Ross, so it may be worth keeping an eye on their polish bins.



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