Pretty Serious The Dragon's Curse

Early this year, Pretty Serious Cosmetics started a collection called "The Museum of Naileontology," with the idea that each polish is an "homage" (she doesn't ever call them dupes) to an old, hard to find classic.  In this past week's green nail polish haul from these guys, I picked up 2 of the 3 inaugural shades, and first up is The Dragon's Curse.

indirect, window-filtered sunlight
Dragon's Curse is a granny-smith-apple green full of a gorgeous ultrafine golden shimmer.  It's theoretically a nod to OPI's Creme de Menthe, or else Misa's Silk Robe - in either case, they're impossible to even find on ebay, let alone attempt to purchase one.  Kaz has both of them, so whichever one it secretly is, you know it's as close as we're all going to get.

indirect, overcast light
The formula on this was a little thicker than I'd like (no chance at all for thin coats), but it self-leveled perfectly, and was quite tolerant to being over-manipulated.  Any irregularities here are because my topcoat was glooping up, not because the polish was wonky.  It did lobster-hand me just a little, but it's a lovely green anyway.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  This wore perfectly for exactly 2.5 days, without any chips and almost no edgewear.  Then it decided it was done this afternoon.

Where to buy:  Pretty Serious maintains a list of stockists, and it was no trouble at all or order directly from the Aussies in the US (they have a US distributor).



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