Colors by Llarowe P51

Llarowe's P51 came home to me after a frenzied restock, oh, A YEAR AGO, and then promptly sat untried due to disappointment.  Wait, what?  Well, you see, the even to this day only pics of this beauty are the ones from a 2013 batch on Pointless Cafe, which were used on the sale page of the website.  When I opened the battled-for box of treasure, I was kinda bummed to see that P47 and P51 looked to be about the same polish, with P51 just being slightly more purpley.  When swatched, neither looked like those solitary older PC photos, which seemed to have multi-colored blue and red and green shimmer instead of this Fantasy Fire-type red-to-green shifting pigment that I otherwise love to pieces.  Waaaaa.

indoor, bright CF light
Hot DAMN I'm dumb.

P51 is a deep, vampy purple jelly, packed with the aforementioned FF/Clarins 230-type color shifting sparkle.  It's quite a bit darker than this spring-leading-into-summer weather would usually have me reaching for, but hey, maybe the octopus gods nudged me in the right direction or something here.

outdoor, shady sunlight
outdoor, bright sunlight
Though it appears quite dark in some of these pics, it never appeared black IRL.  Vampy, smouldering, deep, YES, but not surprise black.  And even in low light, that shifting sparkle absolutely made itself known.

outdoor, shady sunlight
indoor, window-filtered sunlight.  also, I DIE.
indoor, window-filtered shady light
9 times out of 10, in almost all indoor light and in all straight-on bright light, this is a warm coppery-red fire.  It of course hits that emerald green flash at angles like a champ, though, and the green cast does creep out a bit in angled low light, too.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Sigh.  Dat Fiiiiiiiire.  Though it's a good bit darker, this one is maybe killing my lemming for Cirque's Coronation.  They're of course not dupes at all (Coronation's shimmer is only coppery red, not a shifter, and its jelly is a lighter purple), but the overall look is similar.  Or so I'm telling myself.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  The formula was effortless, cleanup was minimal and easy, I can't stop staring at my fingers, and there's zero edgewear or chipping after 2 full days, even on my hardworking Cinderella hand.

Where to buy:  this LE came and went a year ago, but at this moment, I find several bottles on ebay.  Happy hunting, folks.



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