Nails of Fiiiiiiiire!! (take one)

Since we decided to go check out the new Mad Max movie this weekend, and literally everything in that movie is on fire, I felt the need to badass it up a little to hit the theater.  

What we have here is my first ever attempt with nail vinyls (as opposed to just winging stuff with scotch tape), and I think it worked great.  It says "take one" in the title, because I'm quite sure that these flames will reappear sometime in the near future.

I went with Julep Karmen for the flames, since the red and gold combo microglitter blended so nicely with the bronze and red sparkles from P51 (in fact, sometimes too nicely, the contrast wasn't always obvious enough for me).  This is one heavy coat of Karmen layered on top.

At angles, the emerald sparkle looked awesome with the scarlet flames, though it was of course tricky to photograph.

Where to buy:  I got these from Snail Vinyls, which I thought were pretty affordably priced, and had free shipping in the US.  The individual decals were generously sized enough that they could be placed long ways (as on my thumb here) down the middle of even very long nails.  It was easy to cut the ones I was using down to a size I wanted to work with.



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