Femme Fatale Art of Witchcraft

Last up for Femme Fatale-a-palooza is my 2nd pick from the current Snow White collection, Art of Witchcraft.

indoor, indirect sunlight
Witchcraft is a dark teal that's translucent enough to let all the holo microgliters it's packed with sparkle through.  It's not quite a jelly, and it is fully opaque in 2 coats, though it it did wear on me like a jelly (some edgewear by the 2nd day).  It also has a striking flash of wine shimmer that's very apparent in this 2nd bottle shot, though few of my pics could capture anything like it was IRL.

indoor, CF lighting
The wine shimmer usually flashed as a band down the center of the nail, much like shimmer does that's at the center of a holo arc.  The deep wine blending out to the deep teal gave it a unique smoldering-from-within sort of look.

indoor, filtered direct sunlight
The shimmer was much more prominent than it shows up in pics, especially in bright light. It's more subtle to stealthy in lower light, again, like a holo flash.

outdoor, shaded sunlight

Also in bright light, the microglitter gave off a pretty holo sparkle.  The glitters are a little topcoat hungry, so while one layer of TC is plenty to make things shiny, even with 2 I didn't get to a glassy finish.

Rating:  a solid 3 out of 5 stars.  This might be interesting over black or midnight blue as a "galaxy nails in a bottle" polish, too.

Where to buy:  direct from Femme Fatale, or on the list of stockists at the bottom of the store page.


EDITED 4/2/2016:  I gave this another go, with 3 coats instead of 2, and with a layer of Girly Bits Glitter Glaze before my usual HK Girl topcoat.  That 3rd coat deepened the shimmer and the thick TC smoothed things to glass, and this easily got bumped up to a 4* polish.


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