A little Halloween stamping nail art!

I've been away at a conference all this week, so there's no real swatch pics of my nail goings-on, but I did get some fun stamped accents worked in there.

For most of my work week, I was sporting a England's Avalon, a perfect royal purple pearl (it's not quite as blue as pictured here).  My thumbs and ring fingers were accented with silvery spiderwebs from Bundle Monster plate BM-013.  The reddish smudge there was my attempt to double-stamp a spider from the same plate, but a England's Perceval wasn't opaque enough to cover the other colors.

My halloween costume this year was Medusa, which necessitated snake EVERYTHING.  This is Zoya Logan topped with Bundle Monster BM-418, which has an awesome reptile scale print that starts small and gets bigger by the end - very organic and real looking.

Hope your holiday was a blast, too!



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