Lilypad Lacquer Aqueous Realms

You know you're off the polish uncharted deep end when you belong to not one but seeeevvveral facebook polish groups.  And now, all of them have begun offering group exclusives - one pour and done, never to be heard from again, grab 'em while they're hot.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Aqueous Realms was an exclusive duo for the Color4Nailistas group last month.  We all had just one swatch photo of each of the pics to make a decision, with only 50 sets available.  The swatch photo for AR was a glorious cobalt blue with a saturated emerald flash - not having a true blue-to-green duochrome, obviously, MUST BUY NOW.

outdoor, cloudy daylight
I was totally unable to recreate that blue & green look in any lighting situation, so honestly, I originally was extremely disappointed in this polish.  The formula was very nice, though, and I got tons of compliments on it - turns out it's really pretty just where it is, even though it's not what I thought it'd be.  Aqueous Realms is a bright royal blue with an aqua to purple shifting shimmer.  The purple was near impossible to catch on camera, and the closest I got was the subtle tinge to the index finger above, and this office shot below.

bright office fluorescents
Since this polish background wasn't distractingly busy, I also tried out a little bit of stamping.  Hold on to your horses, it's my first stamping adventure!

I recently bought a handful of very affordable plates from Born Pretty, along with some of their store brand stamping polish in gold and silver.  This is BP-56, a pretty floral vine pattern.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars for good wear time, nice formula, and a color that really is nice.

Where to buy:  prowl some blog sales for this one, I don't believe it'll be restocked.  Join the C4N Nailistas group to catch the next time something cool comes around.



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