Elevation Polish Fireflies in a Dark Meadow

To quote Suzy, "flakies are the new holo."  I'm absolutely loving what a lot of polish artists are doing with the multicolored ultrachrome flakies that ILNP blew up the place with last year!

indoor, bright CF lighting
Elevation Polish's Fireflies in a Dark Meadow is a rich black crelly packed with bronze, pink, and greenish ultrachrome flakies.  The formula went on way thicker than I like, and I needed to thin it down for my 2nd coat, but it was nicely opaque in almost one coat.  One layer of topcoat was fine when I painted, but apparently Fireflies are hungry at night and had gobbled that layer up by morning.  A 2nd layer restored the shine.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
In bright lighting, the shine actually mutes the reflectiveness of the flakies somewhat.  They're much more firefly-like in shaded or lower light.

outdoor, overcast/shady daylight
early morning sunlight
I loved the concept, and this is way prettier than flat black, but I did wish the flakies were a little more visible.  I debated adding another flakie layer on top, while simultaneously preferring the look of the flakies peeking out of the dark.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars, for the tricky formula, but definitely a keeper for the pretty flash.

Where to buy:  direct from Elevation.



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