Digital Nails Obliviate

It's getting to that time of the year where I'd better get one last hurrah out of my holos before driving to and from work only happens in the dark...

Obliviate was originally from Digital Nails' 2013 Harry Potter spells collection, and like Nox, from the same batch,, this one is a big winner.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Obliviate is the sort of holo that's in a rather sheer jelly-type base, the better to let the holo sparkle shimmer out of.  For some reasons, this sort of finish rarely looks greyed out by the holo particles, and like others of this type I've tried before, it's very easy to work with and flawlessly self-leveling, so the 3 coats to opacity aren't a problem at all.

outdoor, direct late afternoon daylight
window-filtered daylight.  <3 that glassy shine!
As a fun added bonus, this is also a duochrome along a similar color shift as ILNP's Green Goblin, or Cover Girl's Emerald Blaze.  For the most part, Obliviate iis a more mossy green than bright emerald and a woody bronze rather than chocolate brown, though it does hint at these extremes in the right angles.

window-filtered daylight
outdoor, late afternoon daylight
aaaaaaaaaah, dat shift!
The maker recommends layering this polish over black to intensify the color shift (a common trick for sheer duochromes), so I did give that a whirl as well.  It's pretty easy to see that my middle finger is darker/more opaque with a layer of black undies beneath one coat of Obliviate, but as per usual, I don't like how "heavy" it looks this way, and prefer Obliviate by itself.

indoor, CF lighting for both
maybe a little easier to get the emerald flash over black
Rating:  a lovely 4 out of 5 stars.  Edgewear within a couple of days is par for my usual with jellies, but the formula was absolutely perfect to work with, and I adore this color shift.

Where to buy:  direct from Digital Nails.



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