Emily de Molly Ariel's Realm

I really like a lot of the fun things makers are creating with ultra chrome flakies.  Sure, they're gorgeous toppers, but they can be pretty spectacular as design elements in a complex polish.  Emily de Molly came out with a handful about a year ago, of which Ariel's Realm was easily my must-have.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Ariel apparently lives in a very deep part of the ocean, because this is a rich, almost blackened aqua. rather than a carribean blue.  The jelly base is translucent enough to let all the bright golden green and blue flakes shimmer through, but saturated enough to get totally opaque coverage in 2 smooth coats.

outdoor, overcast daylight
Like most jellies, it dries to a very nice shine that's only made even more glassy with a layer of topcoat.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
The flakies are all the colors of the ocean:  the yellowed green of a kelp forest, light blue of sunlight on the waves.  And of course, the flakies lie flat so as to not disrupt that jelly glass shine, and they're NBD to take off.

direct sunlight
In full sunlight, there's tiny glints of red and blue that make me wonder if there isn't an incredibly subtle amount of holo pigment in there.  None to be seen in the bottle, but stranger things have happened.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  Though it's dark, it never appears black.  Cleanup was easy because the formula was so nice, but obvs, the usual caveats about not allowing super dark blues up in your cuticles apply.

Where to buy:  my usual source of Emily de Molly is Color 4 Nails, but you can also buy direct.



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