OPI Changing of the Garnet + some ren faire stamping

The cooling fall weather had me reaching for a deep vampy shade, and I came up with an old OPI from the 2002 European collection, Changing of the Garnet.

indoor, CF lighting
CotG is a luscious dark red that borders on wine.  It's got a touch of brown in there, just enough to make it very wearable by a whole lot more skin tones than would be the case with a more "true" red.  It's classic and classy and totally office appropriate, especially if you're wearing rich, deep fall colors.  And in the sun... SWOON!

outdoor, direct sunlight
The very finely milled shimmer in here is just fantastic without being in-your-face flashy in bright lighting, and gives a whole lot of dimension.  The light bounces off in a subtle, almost golden sparkle.  The formula was trouble-free and no big deal on the clean-up; 2 easy coats and a layer of topcoat, and good to go.

dat shimmer!
Since my weekend plans involved a trip to the ren faire, I stamped some tapestry- and heraldry-type designs using Born Pretty's BP-27 plate.

indirect sunlight for both
unicorns on mah fingers, BAM!
Rating:  Garnet is a gorgeous fall color, a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  unfortunately, this color wasn't picked up as part of OPI's permanent collection.  The good news is that it's pretty readily available on ebay and amazon for rather reasonable prices.



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