Pahlish Ace of Fours II

Pahlish releases a couple of bespoke batches about twice monthly.  These one-pour-and-done batches of polish usually have something to catch my eye.  The soft flecked robin's egg of Ace of Fours II was a must-buy the moment I saw it.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Pahlish originally released Ace of Fours as part of a Portal collection a few years ago, and then released v.2.0 this past September (luckily, I far prefer this version).  It's an incredibly soft, aaaaalmost white blue, flecked with tiny silvery-white and cobalt-blue microflakies.

outdoor, indirect overcast daylight
AoF2 is very much a crelly-type polish, with the glass-like shine of a jelly, but opacity a little closer to a crème.  It shone even before topcoat, but TC goes on everything around here.  The crelly formula meant that 3 coats were necessary to even things out (it's close enough to white polish to be just a little patchy on the first coat), but it's quick drying and easy to work with.

indirect daylight.  <3 those little flakes of color
NB: I didn't color-correct anything here, because this is utterly accurate to the polish's color, but there wasn't even the slightest suggestion of lobster-hands IRL, so ignore any pink edging to my skin here.

indirect daylight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This looked great and wore rather well, and it's utterly unique in my stash.  Love all around.

Where to buy:  bespoke batches are tricky to find after the fact, so stalk blog sales and the like.  ETA 11/19/15:  WOOHOO!  According to their website, Pahlish plans on selling this for black friday!



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