LynB Designs Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Way back in 2008-ish, Essie released a glittery navy blue that plenty of polish people lemming after, Starry Starry Night.  Lately, plenty of indie makers have tried their hand at an "homage" or two, and though the original is still crazy expensive, I really think there's plenty of lovely "close enoughs" to be had.

indoor, bright CF lighting
LynB's Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS, obvs, with the cute little Who police box on the label to boot) isn't suggested anywhere to be an intentional approximation of SSN, but it sure does push the same buttons.  It's a deeply pigmented blue jelly, in a shade that starts somewhere around sapphire and shades toward navy, packed with small silver and blue/aqua glitters.

outdoor, indirect shady daylight
It's a bit thicker than ideal, but not at all in a way that requires thinning, and the thickness holds the glitter perfectly suspended.  I have 2 brushed coats here, no dabbing required for the even glitter spread.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The formula was shockingly easy to work with - I utterly expect that richly pigmented blues will stain the crap out of my cuticles and be a huge pain to clean up, but nope, as easy as a jelly can be.  I had some NBD edgewear within a day or so, par for my jelly course, but this lasted great until I started hazmatting the house for a big party.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Rating:  a sparkly 4 out of 5 stars, this polish is quite lovely.

Where to buy:  LynB's store currently has this one on sale for $4.  WHAT?!  150% worth it!



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