Celestial Bay of Rainbows

The first time I saw a swatch pic of Celestial's Bay of Rainbows, I knew it was headed home as soon as I could snap up a bottle.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Bay of Rainbows is a gorgeously deep emerald green jelly filled with an assortment of metallic glitter: there's large holo circles and stars, smaller blue and green circles, and a smattering of gold microglitter.

indirect daylight
The jelly formula was smooth and easy to work with; I put it over a peel-off basecoat, so only wore it for just under 48h and only have a handful of pics.  I'm wearing 2 coats here, which left me with a few uneven places in the jelly (visible in pics but not at all IRL).  The glitter placement looked too nice at this point for me to bulk it up by adding a 3rd coat.

outdoor, direct sunlight
In low light, this was lusciously colored, and in bright light the holo glitters glimmered through.  This is so MY color, and the only thing that would have made me love it more would be if somehow the glitters could magically spread themselves out evenly, without any big circles sticking up.

direct sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, probably one of my fave glitters ever.

Where to buy:  my usual supplier for this Aussie import is Color 4 Nails.



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