Celestial Under Full Moon Light

Last Halloween, Color 4 Nails released a holiday box full of exclusives, and I was lucky enough to find someone destashing the one in that box I just had to have, Celestial's Under Full Moon Light.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Moon Light is a rich purple, somewhere between eggplant and amethyst, with a gorgeous bronze shimmer overlay and a scattering of bronze metallic-looking flakies.

bright afternoon sunlight
There's a lightly sparkling linear holo arc here that's prominently blue, plus the flash in the center is bronze from the shimmer.  Fire & ice on a warm purple background, mmmm.  When things aren't bright enough to catch the holo flare, the golden bronze flakies come to the foreground.

soft, morning daylight for both
check out the gloss and the subtle suggestion of blue from the holo peeking out
If you paint with a heavier hand than I do, this could be a one-coater.  My usual 2 thin coats covered with perfect opacity, and the formula was flawlessly self-leveling.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Other than wear and minor chipping happening a little quicker than ideal, this color is fantastic, and I'm really glad I managed to snap up a bottle.

Where to buy:  sadly, this LE is totally sold out.  Try destashes & blog sales.



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