Femme Fatale Blue-Within-Blue Eyes

When Femme Fatale announced last year that her next collection was going to be based off of the sci-fi epic Dune, I was swoony...and when the swatch pics of Blue-Within-Blue Eyes were dropped on an unsuspecting world, I was knocked dead.  On my nails?  Absolutely no disappointment to be found.

outdoor, direct sunlight
BWBE is a gorgeous royal blue thermal that warms up to a sheerly translucent periwinkle, overlaid with a red shimmer that pulls the tone a little toward violet, and mixed in with iridescent blue-to-green flakies.  2 coats gives good opacity while the color is cold, but I think it'd take a whole lot bordering on impossible to get it completely opaque while warm, so this is one for people that enjoy the soft veil of color that is this polish's warm state.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The cool tone can be anywhere from royal to violet, depending on how bright or angled the ambient lighting is (i.e., how it strikes off of the red shimmer); I find both of the pics below to be fairly color-accurate (though of course my camera has issues with violet shades, so one is the Canon and the other is a cell pic):

indirect daylight
window-filtered daylight
The warm color is very much a fairy-dusting of color, with the iridescence of the flakes playing up the delicate powdery blue.

indirect daylight
Though the weather lately is sort of springtime cool rather than the optimal cold that shows off thermals best, this polish managed to do the funky-french effect a whole lot of time.

indirect daylight
And that shimmer!  YES.

direct sunlight
Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  The color is gorgeous, wear time is great, application is super easy, what's not to love?  I'd call this a must-have for any lover of blue polishes or thermals.

Where to buy:  from the list of Femme Fatale stockists, my usual go-to is Color 4 Nails.



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