Femme Fatale Morning Glory + Emily de Molly stamping crèmes

For the next week leading into St Paddy's, it's all green nail polish from here out!

Femme Fatale mused on her fb group a while back that she was thinking of doing a collection of polishes with contrasting shimmers, with a call for suggestions from the fans.  Around the same time, the January color of the month was born as one of the type in question.

indoor, bright CF lighting.  NB: this is the most color-accurate shot here.
Morning Glory is a very springtime-fresh pale yellowy green, with a bright turquoise shimmer overlay.  In certain lighting, the yellow and aqua combo did lobster-hand me a little, but most of the time things were just fine.

window-filtered overcast daylight
The formula here was less than awesome, much like I'm given to understand yellows or neons to be (this isn't quite either neon or yellow, but is apparently close enough to make the formula a little tricky).  It was both thick enough the brush dragged grooves in each coat during application, yet watery enough that overloading the brush to counteract this was ill-advised, and 3 coats were necessary to get things evened out.  With topcoat and an overnight rest, though, the shine and shimmer were back to eye-catchingly bright.

window-filtered daylight
The turquoise shimmer is just off enough from the base color to stand out beautifully, yet close enough to blend in; the overall effect is of a shining pearl finish.  

Since this color is so reminiscent of the first leaves of spring, I had to stamp a pretty spring pattern over it using Bundle Monster's BM-XL155 plate, a Japanese-themed buffet plate with a gorgeous cherry-blossom tree branch in one corner.

I used my brand new Emily de Molly stamping trio #2 set of green, dark pink, and medium blue by dotting each color where I wanted it to be on the plate and scraping across in whatever direction would result in the least blending of the colors.  Even though I was using these polishes in a way that didn't mean I was working quickly, they all transferred great, with utter opacity.  I'm totally in love with my little blue birds and pink flowers.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars for Morning Glory - a totally unique color in my stash that I wish was a little easier to use.  The EdM stampers are perfect, and the discount price on the mini size in the trios is very reasonable.

Where to buy:  Morning Glory is still in stock at Color 4 Nails, but won't be restocked again later, snap it up now!  Emily de Molly ships internationally from her US distributor.



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