Fancy Gloss Emerald City

Sometimes, I find new-to-me brands while perusing destashes, with colors I've never heard any hype about, just waiting to be picked up.  Case in point - Fancy Gloss Emerald City.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Emerald City is a tonal green thermal jam-packed with soft gold microflake shimmer.  The quantity of shimmer makes the polish have a thickness that means there's almost no cleanup needed, and the visual texture is nicely concealing of any imperfections of your nails.

outdoor, direct sunlight
At it's coldest on me, EC is a bright kelly green, full of sparkle and flash.  At it's warmest, it's a borderline neon yellowy spring green.

bright CF lighting.  index & middle fingers run under cold water; ring and pinky kept warm
Since some other swatch pics I've seen have this more truly emerald green when cold and much closer to clear when warm, I'm suspicious that this is actually a dying thermal, settling a bit between the 2 colors instead of showing its full transition range.  Fortunately, it's still plenty pretty, and I got the fun french tip effect plenty of the time.

indoor, bright CF lighting for both

Interestingly enough, the shimmer isn't solely pale gold - it transitions to a blueish aqua in angled light, which changes the whole look to a more mint green.

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  A fun spring to summer bright color with a pretty decent formula.  3 coats were needed to get to opacity given how translucent the warm tone is, and it did chip a little quicker than I'd like.  I'm hoping that this color will last as a thermal for a while longer (I've had plenty last several years or more).

Where to buy:  direct from Fancy Gloss, though stalking their social media is necessary if you want to know when things will be restocked, as most things are otherwise sold out.



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