Enchanted Polish March 2015 & a quick comparison

For my birthday, I busted out my birthday month polish, March 2015 from Enchanted.

indoor, bright CF lighting
March 2015 is a variant on a frequent theme in my collection - blue with pink flash.  In this iteration, we have a veeerrrrry slightly greyed aquamarine, a subtle barbie pink shimmer, and a very fine-particle linear holo.  This bottle is a whole lot more toned-down than similarly-composed things like Orly Angel Rain or CBL Katarina.

outdoor, bright sunlight for all the rest of the swatches
I think it's the little touch of grey in the color, but March 2015 had just a bit of a chameleon tendency to look different in different lighting, sometimes more grey or more blue or more minty aqua.  The grey also helps make sure that the cool pastel doesn't give one the dreaded lobster-hands, and I think means it's wearable by more skin tones.

Most of my other Enchanteds have a smooth, thin, crelly-type formula, but March 2015 is a much denser crème, thick and sticky, meaning there's a good bit of time needed between coats, and even a bit of cuticle drag on the 2nd coat.  The thicker formula didn't help with wear time, either, with minor chipping after a couple of days.

The pink flash in these pics is color/intensity accurate - this one has a noticeable but by no means bold pink shine, visible in both the bottle and on the nail, but nowhere near as POW as those other more saturated color versions.  All of which had me wondering if it was like the other somewhat greyed-out blue & pink in my stash, Sparitual It's Raining Men.

bright CF lighting
And hooray, not even close.  The Sparitual is definitively blue and not aqua, and the pink shimmer has a duochromatic shift to that soft gold color.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars, pretty and very me, but with a formula that's nowhere near Enchanted's typical perfection.

Where to buy:  now that we're a year past this one's one-time-only sale, you know the drill: ebay & blog sales.



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