CrowsToes Quietus

Last year, Color 4 Nails started carrying CrowsToes, and celebrated the launch with a trio of store exclusives.  My top pick of the three is Quietus.

indoor, bright CF lighting
At first glance, Quietus is a smoky, silvery purple, with a bit of added sparkle, and indeed it does hit a lovely rich amethyst in bright, direct sunlight.

sunlight, as promised
But this polish is far more complex than I'd thought when it first arrived.  On one hand, it's definitely a purple-to-green duochrome shifter:

indirect daylight
But it also shifts over to a warm pink-tinged bronze before going on toward gold:

direct, bright sunlight for both

Layered on top of the multi-chromatic base is a chunky shimmer that's fine silver sparks in low lighting:

indirect daylight
But that stands out as contrasting emerald glass flecks in brighter lighting:

indirect daylight
All in all, it's rich and stunning.  Totally opaque in 2 coats with a slightly thick (but in a good way) formula, its only downside was chipping in ~2 days.  And that shift, just wow.

that's it right there: purple to bronze, with green glass fleck goodness.
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, this has me looking into buying the other 2 from the trio...

Where to buy:  Quietus is a store exclusive for Color 4 Nails.



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