Dance Legend Dirty Love

I caught a blog post a couple of days ago that reminded me magnetic polishes are so a thing again now (yay!!) and that there was a fistful of them sitting untried (what, surely you jest?!), and that was exactly the inspiration I needed to reach for one of them.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
Dance Legend's Dirty Love is the only polish from their GoldenEye collection to not have a James Bond-inspired name (unless I'm missing it completely - do enlighten me, please!).  It's a warm, plummy wine packed with magnetic coppery shimmer, and dusted with electric blue glass flecks.  At one coat, all the magical ingredients are evenly dispersed and nicely visible:

indoor, CF lighting, one coat with no topcoat
After painting one thin coat on both hands, I gave it time to dry a bit more by going ahead and cleaning up around the edges.  Next, I painted one nail at a time and used DL's straight line neodymium magnet to pull the copper sparks into a diagonal across the nail.  After the last nail was done, I then topcoated one nail at a time, again holding the magnet in the same place over the nail while the TC set up.  Topcoating a magnetic polish re-wets the surface a little, which lets the design soften back up; using the magnet while the TC hardens keeps your lines more prominent.

window-filtered shady morning light
After using the magnet, the copper shimmer was a stripe of pretty contrast against the wine, and the blue sparks got to shine on the edges on their own.

window-filtered daylight
Overall, I loved the look, though more "professional" swatchers got even clearer copper stripes than I was able to.  Bonus - this formula wore like iron on me, with a small chip only where I dinged a fingernail into a door a couple of days later.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  The cool "cat's eye" effect promised by the new magnet is totally legit, and this magnetic polish was rather easy to work with.

Where to buy:  if you don't want to try ordering directly, Dance Legend has a list of international stockists; my go-to is Color 4 Nails.



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