Wine Nails: a England Dragon & Princess Sabra

This week, I was off to a champagne tasting (bubbles all around!) with my fave wine nerd pal, so festive fingers were called for.

indoor, bright CF lighting
I started with a skittle of a England Dragon and Princess Sabra.  The coppery bronze flash in the middle of dragon and the olive base to Princess's gold complimented each other nicely.  Bottle pics show Dragon's contrasting shimmer better than these nail pics, but it's very much there IRL.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
Dragon is a 2-coater; almost one if you paint thickly, but I needed a 2nd to just cover over some spots here and there.  PS was a 2-coater the first time I wore it a good while ago, but it was more 2 and a half this go-round - maybe I didn't shake the bottle back up enough?

indoor, bright CF lighting - check out the flash in the bottle
In any case, both are shimmering scattered holos - more the subtle suggestion of a prismatic sparkle than an arc of rainbow flame.  Both required utterly minimal clean-up and had rather perfect formulas, because that's how aE rolls.

window-filtered morning daylight
I stamped the gold nails using the grape & leaf design from Messy Mansion's Valareign 03 plate, with Dragon for the leaves and the utterly fantastic El Corazon Mysterious Mars for the grapes.  I love how the duochrome makes the grapes look like they're ripening at slightly different times, just like real ones do.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 stars for these fave scattered holos.

Where to buy:  a England maintains a list of stockists here on their website.



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