Femme Fatale Highgarden

"Red" was the color the man picked this week, and when I rolled my eyes at his choices being typically only red, blue, or green, he asked, "are there other colors?"  Silly boys.

Anyway, sorting through untried reds caused this gem to bob to the top:

indoor, CF lighting
Femme Fatale made Highgarden for the April 2015 Game of Thrones-themed What's In-Die Box.  Since this collab box was all-Aussie around the time that shipping polish out of Australia got to be more than a little tricky, not a whole ton of it made it stateside as far as I can tell.  The luscious emerald green shimmer overlay made this a die-hard lemming as soon as I saw a swatch pic, and I was lucky enough to snag a bottle in a sample sale last Fall.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
Instead of the brick red with green shimmer I was expecting, Highgarden is a real chameleon with plenty of personalities in different lighting.  The base is indeed a brick or rusted red jelly with a gorgeously contrasting shimmer overlay, but for me this shimmer was more of a olive-leaning bronze rather than true green.

window-filtered overcast daylight
Pastel blue and pink holographic glitters in at least 2 sizes means there's some confetti sparkle in low or bright lighting, but the pink and blue and the lack of flash from the shimmer really cool the color down a lot in shade, to more berry than brick.

window-filtered overcast daylight
And then I discovered that the shimmer itself is secretly duochromatic (seriously NONE of the few blog posts about Highgarden mentioned that at all!), and goes from bronze to cool fuchsia.

indoor, bright CF lighting at a steep angle
indoor, angled CF lighting
In bright light, it's closest to brick-with-green, but the different looks here in sun vs indoor lighting are accurate on the nail, too.  Yep, total chameleon.

outdoor, bright sunlight, looking red
indoor, bright CF lighting, looking brownish
In some pics, you can see my pinky looks richer and darker than the other fingers - well, I dinged it and the touch-up meant it had approximately 3 coats instead of 2.  I'd stopped at 2 for the rest of the mani, not feeling a dark color that day and really liking the color and coverage I had.  Last chameleon property:  Highgarden looks even and smooth, though different, at 1, 2, or 3 coats.

L to R: 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats.  outdoor, bright sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, a super pretty and unusual color, with better than typical jelly wear time for me.

Where to buy:  stalk blog sales & destashes for this LE.



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