Shleee Harvest Moon 2.0 + OPI Blushingham Palace + comparison

Shleee Polish used to be known for funky glitters, but I've become enamored of her recently released "moon" series of contrast shimmers.  When Harvest Moon 2.0 showed up at my house this week, it bubbled right on up to the top of the queue.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Harvest Moon is a cool blue-tinted slate grey, packed with an almost glass-fleck shimmer that shifts from pink to bronze.  I've paired it up with OPI Blushingham Palace, a mauve pink shimmer.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Both were nicely opaque in 2 coats, and both formulas were easy to work with (which surprised me considering the OPI is an old-school formula).  The pink managed to be pearlescent instead of frosty, and the grey's shimmer translated nicely to the nail, so good times all around.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Tying my pairs back together, I stamped over Blushingham with MoYou London Frosted Lips, and over Harvest Moon with MyL Galaxy, using the feathers image from BornPretty BP-75 plate.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The pink & grey is a little more girly than my typical, but I think it turned out nicely.

outdoor, with the bright light sparking the shimmer under the stamp
When filing away my new pretty, I found a pretty close polish already in my stash: Native War Paints Jessica.

L: Harvest Moon 2.0, R: Jessica
Jessica & Harvest Moon share the cool blue-grey base color, but the shimmer is a good bit different.  There's a lot more shimmer in Harvest Moon (both fine shimmer and the almost glass fleck looking shimmer), and it's a lost more shifty from pink through bronze and gold.  The shimmer in Jessica is more often coppery pink, but it does tip toward bronze as well.

L: Harvest Moon 2.0, R: Jessica, one coat each
Jessica is a whole lot more opaque, which could be why Harvest Moon's shimmer is more readily apparent.  At 2 coats you can still see a difference in opacity, but the base color similarity is more apparent as well.  Jessica dries down matte and Harvest Moon dries down with a subtle texture, so both need topcoat to look great.

2 coats
Bright sunlight shows the difference in the quality of the shimmer even more clearly.

Rating:  Harvest Moon is a lovely 4 out of 5 stars, and Blushingham Palace snags 3 out of 5.  I didn't say as much about the latter because pink really isn't what makes me swoon, but this is a rather fantastic pink, wearing absolutely like iron and being a great base for nail art.

Where to buy:  unfortunately, you have to stalk Shleee's FB group and instagram to figure out what's going to be restocked on her etsy site, so no guarantees if/when this one is coming back.  Blushingham Palace is an older OPI, so look on amazon or ebay.



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