Vacation Nails: Turquoise Stone

I just got back from a fantastic vacation (woohoo!) where I'd actually kept the same polish on all week, even though I brought some spares to changes things up.  I just loved this so much and it wore so great that there was no switches needed.

outdoor, shady daylight
I took my inspiration from Very Emily's tuquoise stone nails, and in fact, had bought HeHe plate 081 because of the fantastic tutorial on her post.  I was over the moon that this was one of the times where a pin/tutorial/how-to/instructionable/whatever actually worked exactly as planned!

indoor, window-filtered daylight
I started off with 2 and a half coats of Elevation Polish The Merchant's son (originally part of collab duo with Pahlish), a beautifully rich mid-tone turquoise with a subtle shimmer.  This polish is supposed to be a tonal thermal, transitioning from light to dark, but my bottle appears to be dead.

outdoor, shady daylight
Over the creamy base, I've stamped the most open-looking stone- or spray-marble pattern from this plate - there are 4 different very randomly organic images on this plate (2 of them reverses of the other 2), all of which would be fantastic for this type of design.  Of course I'm using my fave Nanacoco Love Black to stamp with, and then I used a small dotting tool to add on random flicks of gold using Pahlish Pyrite.  The fact that this polish looks like actual pyrite is just ideal for this design.  Check out the video linked in Emily's post above - it's a huge win.

outdoor, bright late afternoon sunlight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  After 5+ days of wear, there's only mild edgewear, and finally a small chip this morning.  So while normally almost 3 coats to opacity would be less than awesome, The Merchant's Son's fantastic color and wear time are a win.

Where to buy:  this was a LE collab polish, so hunt down some blog sale and destash treasures.



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