Pahlish Hello Sweetie

After the rich, dark colors I'd been wearing, I felt the need to swing in the opposite direction, toward pastel and springtime.  Pahlish's Hello Sweetie to the rescue.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Hello Sweetie is a bright, cool blue-toned lilac that bordered on neon.  Wait, what?  Yep, that bottle pic above is pretty color accurate - HS dries down to a bit cooler and a lot brighter than what's in the bottle, with bright silver flakes peeking through.

outdoor, bright sunlight
I think this happens to be a pastel version of one of those shades that hits in the odd zone between blue and purple that makes most cameras freak out, leading to most of the swatch pics I've seen looking softer, lighter, and more greyed.  I've picked shots that I think are more color-accurate, but they still come off as a little muted from what this looked like IRL.

outdoor, shady, indirect daylight
The crelly finish needed one very thin coat laid down first and allowed to dry nearly completely before moving on to avoid pulling and stickiness.  That first coat was patchy and uneven but with a fairly thick 2nd coat this was quite opaque.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  The formula was a little tricky to manage, and the almost-neon pastel wasn't super flattering to my skin tone.  It is an absolutely unusual and fun color, though, and a coworker was super keen to try it.

Where to buy:  Palish tends to stock her collections for just a few months at a time, so go snag this one if you like it!



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