Zoya Muse

Sometimes, the urge to feel like a mermaid just takes hold of ya.

indoor, CF lighting
Zoya Muse is a light, swimming pool blue jelly filled with a sparkling shimmer somewhere between gold and aqua, and packed with plenty of tiny round iridescent microglitters.

indoor, bright CF lighting
The formula is smooth and easy to work with, needing 3 thin coats to get to the mostly-opaque state I'm wearing here.  This did cling to my cuticles like a darker blue would have; that plus all the tiny glitters meant cleanup was more challenging than usual.

window-filtered overcast daylight
Muse wore like a jelly on me, which is to say that there was some edgewear within a day and a half or so.  Fortunately, the normal irregularities of the finish meant that touch-ups were super easy.

window-filtered bright sunlight
Recently, my stamping plate pile is growing as quickly as my polish pile.  I've seen a few stunning examples of the large single fish image from Messy Mansion's MM 29 plate used across the whole hand, and since my nails were already ocean blue, this seemed like an ideal time to try it out myself.

outdoor, overcast daylight
The large design with plenty of open spaces is pretty perfect for leadlighting or reverse stamping.  Here, I made decals using Nanacoco Love Black for the outline, then filling in the body with Femme Fatale Unwoven Light for an iridescent, fish-scaled look, then OCC Black Metal Dahlia for the fins, and finally Girly Bits I'm Your Venus over everything.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Both hands worked out equally well (though my pics were all blurry of my off hand), and I totally love my shiny holo fish.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Rating:  Muse is a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  It's a great summer color, and I'm still wearing it on my toes now.

Where to buy:  Zoya is readily found at Ulta or other similar beauty shops, or plenty of places online.



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