Dance Legend Bite Tonight

I was all aflutter about the Dance Legend Candy Flakes collection (because flakies!), and managed to snag 3 of them in the collection launch at Llarowe a couple weeks ago.  Here's the first one, Bite Tonight.

The color on the nail is very true to what's in the bottle:  a very dark, vampy red-maroon, that's packed with fire flakies (the sort that shift from red to gold, with occasional green flash).  2 coats for complete opacity.

outoor sunset light
Most of the time for me, this polish looks nearly black, which typically I don't like. When I want to wear black polish, I wear black polish on purpose.  But the vibrant crimson flakes are always visible, so even at a distance, this stays vampy deep red.

This polish had a medium consistency (neither too thick or thin), but the long wand had a problematic tendency to pick up way too much and drip it down onto my nail while painting, so that I was getting too-thick coats even after wiping off a more than typical amount.  Since the base color is so dark, the cleanup of the extra was not cool.

indoor sunset light:  totally different!

At angles, the bottle shows the flakes shifting that wonderful orange-gold-green color change.  This translated to the nail only in bright light - lovely, but just an occasional peek.

extra coat of topcoat here = MOAR shiny!

I put my hands through a lot of rough stuff in the lab this week, so there's no way to tell if the noticeable edgewear (but only minor chipping) by day 3 is typical for this one.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  Hooray for flakes!  I wish it was a bit easier to work with.

Where to buy:  I've never ordered direct from Dance Legend, but according to elsewhere on ye olde internets, it's reliable but very long.  Their front page has the complete list of their worldwide stockists.



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