Peace Love & OPI

Peace, Love & OPI is from the 2013 San Francisco collection. I was actually born in the Bay Area, and I had a hard time not buying the entire collection just because I should/could.

This had been on my "maybe" list for a while. I kept picking it up and putting it back, but the day I couldn't find it at the salon for a pedi, I got cranky and figured it was a sign.

It's a very rich silver, with a pink/violet-green duochrome to it. The colors bounced pretty evenly between the two, but I had a really hard time getting pictures of the green flash.

Sorry for the photo heavy post, I just was really trying to capture all of the fun in this polish (and I feel like I had failed). Application was a breeze, it was totally opaque in 2 coats.

Indoors, CFL lighting.  You can see the glorious gunmetal with hints of green and pinkish
Indoor, CFL, good violet capture
More inside lighting, with a different angle
My favorite shot
Some of the green showing
Evening Light
Morning light

Fantastic polish (from my favorite mainstream brand) and I'm sure I'll be wearing this one a lot in the future.



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