Bless Your Wicked Little Heart - CBL

Bless Your Wicked Little Heart is from the Colors by Llarowe Valentines 2014 collection. It's the one from the collection that most interested me, and I'm test driving possible VD polishes.

It has lots of glitter packed into a jelly base, and it could probably be opaque in 2 coats, but I used three instead.

I'm really please with it, as I'm not usually a fan of glitters, but I love red. And this RED!GLITTER! is awesome (as is the name, I'm from Texas, y'all, I love that shit (said shee-it)).


Fluorescent Lighting

More Flash!


More indoor lighting, incandescent, maybe?

Outdoor, overcast (damn snow)

Colors by Llarowe is offered through Llarowe, and has a bit of a following, at least enough of one that makes restocking a little hairy (I tend to wait for 2nd or 3rd restocks when the new-ness and desperation to get them dies down).

Solid glitzy polish with good wearability, I likey



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