Pahlish Mad Man With a Box

Pahlish released Mad Man With a Box as a black Friday special, then again in January as part of her Dr. Who collection.  Now, I love me some DW (this is, I think, my 4th DW polish), but far more than a catchy name, I love me some sparkles.

MMWAB is a deep midnight blue packed with microglitter, shimmer, and micro-flakes.  All that twinkle translates easily onto the nail.

indirect sunlight.  POW!
Most of the time, this polish appears to be a deep, shimmery sapphire.  In the shade, lighter blue to silvery bits are apparent, giving it a stars at night sort of appearance, but in the sun, WOW.  Check out the twinkles.

indoor office fluorescents
The micro-flakes look aqua-green in the macro pics, but other than a subtle suggestion of a teal flash, this wasn't obvious IRL.

again, indirect sunlight, in the best nail photo studio ever: the car steering wheel.
It's thick enough that I think I'll be thinning it down before I use it again, and next go-round, I'll try it with some undies:  this is prone to chipping like hell on me.  I re-wrapped my tips and re-did my topcoat nightly to combat the day's chips (as in, the first one popped up within 24h of painting).

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This color is AMAZING.  It's rich and deep without being black, it's super sparkly, and way complex.  This would easy be a perfect polish if only it wore more than a whole day without chipping  :(

Where to buy:  Pahlish has has her own store, and also has a list of international stockists.



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