Polished by KPT Country Road

Extremes of temperature (summer and winter) are my favorite times for thermal nail polish.  If it's frosty outside and the heat is running full-blast indoors, you're bound to get at least some of the funky french tip effect somewhen during your day.  KPT is known for her thermals, and today's Country Road from her fall/Halloween collection is no exception.

all pics under indoor lighting.  check out the gradient on ring & pinky!
Country Road is a warm-toned thermal with plenty of shimmery sparkle in all its color shifts.  When cold (same color the bottle shows on the shelf), it's a rich milk-chocolate chestnut.

A good portion of the time, warm or cool, the shimmer in this polish appeared to be a rose gold shade.  Being as how rose gold is all trendy lately, consider snapping this one up if that's your thing.  The warm color was a sheer, soft nude, liberally sprinkled with gold, pink, copper, and a tiny hint of green sparkle.

The green wasn't readily apparent on the nail (nobody that wasn't staring at your nails like you do would notice the color being there), but in bright light, the little flashes added plenty of depth.

As with plenty of thermals, the in-between shade (here, a gorgeous rose gold) is equally pretty.  This is easily the most office-appropriate thermal ever, since both the nude and the chestnut are subtle and plenty professional.

check out the gradient again!
This one didn't often hit that in-between funky french tip thing for me - it was usually all cold or all hot.  I needed to dip my fingers in cool water to get a gradient to show here.  As with most thermals, I've learned to only buy them if you love both colors, and this one is flattering in all states to me.  It's pretty subtle, though, since the colors are pretty much tonal shades of each other.  3 coats were necessary for me to get even coverage (that first coat was way streaky).

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  If rumors of thermal pigments only working their magic for approximately one year are to be believed, well, I have other shimmery browns that are richer and less persnickety.  But if you feel like being just a teeny bit subversive at the office, this is a winner, and it is sparkly pretty.

Where to buy:  Polished by KPT store



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