Contrary Polish River Market

I have a love/hate relationship with jelly-type polishes.  On the good side, the formula on these tends to be very easy to control, and because they're not as thick, they're easier to clean up.  In the minus column, though, they tend to wear just awfully on me - it's like the lack of shimmer/pearl/glitter particles makes it less strong or reinforced.  Today, I have one that has all the pros and cons of jellies:  Contrary Polish's River Market.

sorry for the yellowy background, but color was most correct in the bathroom.  weird.
River Market is a very deep purple jelly with fiery ruby sparkles peeking out.  Like the best jellies, this one looked way glossy and shiny once I was finished.

pow!  shine!
Unfortunately, it absolutely needed 3 coats to even it out (jellies being prone to patchy/imperfect coverage on their first coats, and this one was no exception), and that made the final result exactly as dark as it was in the bottle.  Other swatches I'd seen of this one had it at a deep, rich, royal purple with glowing embers, but in all but direct, bright light, this appeared near-black on me.  As per usual, I'm not a fan of surprise black polish  :(

Even with the flash on in a close-up, everything but the edges by my cuticles stays super dark.

The sparkles were there in direct or bright light, but were too subtle for what I was hoping for most of the time.

And then, of course, like the jelly it is, it wore very quickly on me.  Big ol' chips showed up on a couple of nails on my right hand less than 48 hours after painting.

Rating:  2 out of 5 stars.  I think this is a case of expectation vs reality not matching up.  If you want a super dark, vampy purple, or just a not-quite-so-stark alternative to actual black polish, this might work out fine.  But if you were expecting a purple 2 shades lighter?  Not so much.

Where to buy:  Contrary Polish maintains a list of all her stockists on her blog.



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