KB Shimmer Witch Way?

After being disappointed by my last purple jelly, clearly the answer was to move on to ANOTHER purple jelly, so now I have KB Shimmer's Witch Way? for you.

indoor, indirect sunlight
Witch Way? is, as one of my non-nail polish pals described it, grape jelly.  It's straight-up concord grape purple, with a lovely translucent gloss even after the 3 coats it needed for full coverage. Mixed into this jelly is plenty of fine holographic particles, plus small holo round glitter.

outdoor!  actual sun in winter!
This stuff managed to always be sparkly, without ever being an obnoxious disco ball.  I'm not a huge fan of full-on glitter bombs (I do work in a real lab and don't need to look like a princess), but I do like me some sparkly bizness, and this delivers.

actual for reals sunlight!
Outdoors, the color showed up as just a touch lighter than inside, and wow did the sun play on those holo glitter bits!

indoor, indirect/diffuse sunlight
Most of the time indoor (whether near a window or under the fluorescents of the office), this was a deep grape color, never near-black, not particularly vampy.  It wore on my about like jelly finishes do - maybe 2 days before edgewear was obvious - but the wear was even, and the finish was lustrously glossy all the time.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Color and sparkle were just what I'd hoped they'd be.

Where to buy:  KB Shimmer has a store with bath soap & lotions as well as their fun glittery nail polish.



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