Sadness by Dance Legend

Sadness is from the new Mist Way collection by Dance Legend.  Specifically, it's #10 from that collection.  It was an impulse purchase that worked out pretty well for me (I initially only meant to get Albion).   I guessed that the color would look well on me, and I was not wrong.

Indirect sun



Shade, Seriously, is this not gorgeous?

Inside, indirect sun


Inside lighting

Evening sun

Clearly I went a little bonkers on the pictures for this one, but I really, really liked it.  The flakes were prominent enough to be noticeable, but not so dense as to be difficult to apply, obnoxious or overwhelming to the polish.  It's a nice little accent.   It applied easily, and the flakes weren't too bumpy (a thick topcoat would have evened it right out if it mattered).

Even after a couple of coats, there is subtle VNL, but I didn't mind it with this color.   A decent colored undie would keep that from showing (if you care about such things).

I really like the color, it's very delicate and nice.   Probably not as obnoxious as I would like while I'm busy being tired of the dreary winter weather, but it would look great when I need to be professional.



  1. Love this polish! I have something a little similar on now - Care To Danse? with Color Club Snowflake in between layers. Nice color, a little sheer, but subtle.


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