Literary Lacquers If It Pleases You

While off on a business trip this week, i took polishes with me that were risky because they were untried (cuz there's about a hundred of those to work through), yet safe by not being too "out there."  A girl's gotta get noticed for her brains, not her neon greens, ya know.  First up was Literary Lacquers' If It Pleases You, from her collection inspired by infamous erotica.

Sorry, but all the pics here are in the suboptimal lighting of a hotel.  Sadly, there was no time to relax out in the sun to capture the holo goodness in this one, but I promise it was plenty flashy in direct sunlight.

IIPY is described as a "bruise" colored polish, and i think that's about dead perfect.  It's a warm, plummy wine-purple, with definite brownish undertones.  While bruising may not sound appealing (well, it does if you know and fondly remember the kinky book it's named after), this color works beautifully:  it's purple done as a neutral. The natural, earthy undertones make this color very wearable.  It's easily one of the most office-appropriate holos I've ever seen.

just a little holo flash in the hotel light :(
The jelly base on this one added to the soft neutrality of the color by making it a bit translucent at the edges.  2-3 coats was enough to totally avoid VNL, but the base back by the cuticle was a soft, not a crisp line.  Like most all jellies, this showed tip wear on me pretty quickly (2-3 days later), but  the neutrality of the color also made that more subtle.  The first coat went on way patchy, and was prone to bald patches if I repainted over a spot - I'd definitely recommend an aqua base coat next time to help that first coat go on smoother.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  This color made a few best-of lists for the end of last year, and I can't disagree at all.  Like all jellies, I wish it wore better, but the color is just fantastic.

Where to buy:  Literary Lacquers' Etsy store



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