Celestial Cosmetics Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons is from the Celestial Cosmetic's "Seven Kingdoms" collection (based on the Game of Thrones).   I was only mildly interested in any of the polishes from the collection, and was not at all interested in this one because the description made it sound a lot more orange than I was interested in.

And then I saw swatches, and then I needed it.
And then I had to wait for a restock, because most of the collection sold out rather quickly the first time around.

It's a glorious bright pink (not red) that flashes to a coral kind of orange.  Lots of shimmer and flash, lots of pretty shiny.


Incandescent lighting, much more coral

Another incandescent, trying to show off another angle.

Fluorescent (I <s>live</s> work in a basement, yo)

Another office shot
I really liked this, it was a lot prettier on me  than I thought it would be, and I'm not sorry at all to own this one.   The color shift was substantial enough to notice and be worth it.
It went on very smoothly and easy and was utterly opaque in 2 coats.   It wore very well and I received a ton of compliments on it.
I bought it from Color4Nails (Celestial is an Australian brand and Color4Nails carries it in the US) and many of the other duochromes in the collection were very pretty as well (I just happen to own a lot of duochromes and am starting to get picky about them).



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