Ruby White Tips - Kim

Today, I bring you the best nude I've ever worn.    The color is glorious, the application was easy, and it wore amazingly well.

It's called Kim, and it's from Ruby White Tips (which is easily one of my top two favorite indie polish brands).

I've been looking for some good nudes, and I saw this one online hoping it would work.  Oh look, it did.

Indoors, incandescent

Indoors, flourescent

Indoors flourescent, again

Indoors, mixed light

Indoors, again, and abusing the poor dog (hey, if she lays on me, she gets to be a prop)
I love the color, I love the subtle sparkle, I loved the application.   This one also wore like a beast, only without the help of any snazzy topcoats.   Other RWT polishes I've tried have worn just as well. 

So far, this is one of my very favorite polishes, definitely the best nude ever, and the shop is awesome (they give money to bats!!!!), so go buy their stuff.



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